You can have a business that lets you blend your favorite home scents, all while making some great money for those things you’ve been wanting and were struggling to have! Pink Zebra has changed my life and can change yours too.

Get your creativity flowing in your home decorating! AND create the freedom to work the hours that you choose. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

You get to have the flexibility you want to get away when your kids have school holidays, or when the boss has some time off of work. Need to help a friend? Work around your schedule. Need to make extra spending money? Work a few hours a week! Want to replace that corporate 9-5 job? Dig in and make it happen!

Team Rockin PZ & Pink Zebra Bring Me So Much Joy

With my tiara and boots in tow, I love encouraging others and cheering them on to success! I also get to enjoy making homes smell like a cozy cottage with Fireside Vanilla or even a beach beverage with the fun umbrella with the smell of Coconut and Juicy Pineapple just by mixing some of my favorites together.

Sprinkles, Soaks & Everything to Make Your Home Smell Amazing


Start a business where you will have fun!

Making Friends While Growing Your Business

What did I do all day?

What happened to my day?Do you ever wonder why you never get a lot done in a day? Or perhaps you are in a funk from the moment you wake up and can't seem to snap out of it? It's really tough when you have a full day ahead of you and you feel like you are in a...

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Simple Goal Setting

Simple Goal Setting

Set the goal(s)Many years ago, I had a boss that asked me what my goal was. I thought he meant the dollar amount I was expected to produce. He wanted more than that. He wanted me to really think about what this goal meant to me. What did making this goal mean to ME?...

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Sales Tips that work!

Sales Tips that work!

Do you ever get stuck when thinking about how you will generate sales? After being in sales for all of my adult life, I can tell you that these simple Sales Tips WILL work if you apply them! They have always worked for me, no matter the industry. Dedicate timeSales...

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