It’s all about the team! Right? We can’t have big successes without our teams. It takes a village to create a successful business. That’s my belief anyway. And being in Network Marketing/Direct Sales, it is even more of a fact than any other business. So as a Leader, we have to ask ourselves, how can I best encourage and assist my Team so that they are inspired to have a successful business? Here are just a few ideas, and things that I have been doing in hopes of creating a strong and confident team member!


Back Office Resources

Our business provides a helpful back office as a resource. It’s always helpful to use the tools that the company has provided so that you aren’t always recreating the wheel. It’s easy to point them in that direction, perhaps guide them through some of the key components, and then let them study as they wish.

Training Portal

In this business we try to brand ourselves, which can mean creating a Blog Post such as what I have done to let people get to know us better. I post my blogs in my website portal that I share with anyone that wants to know more about me, a glimpse in to my life if you will. In this website, I also provide a training portal for team members to access! These trainings are videos that I have done where I’m talking about what has worked and what has not. I don’t need to provide “how to” when it comes to using our company website, because the company itself has provided a ton of that! So mine are more personal and actual things that I have done and tried while building my business that could be helpful.

Team Live Calls

My husband is super supportive of me in this business, so much so that he joined himself a few years back and is now a Senior Manager! Since we love working the business together when we can, he goes live with me on the first Tuesday of each month for a “Team Live Call”. Each month we have a different topic and we truly enjoy connecting with the team.

Local In Person Meetings

Every other month we are honored to have team members join us locally for a Team Meeting. We teach, share, and bond at these meetings. It’s always a fun time and we always walk away with a ton of new information and tips from one another. Sometimes it is a meeting in our home, and sometimes we go out and do a fun activity together!

Team Meeting!


Three times a year our company does a Rally, where we come together across the US and Canada to hear the same message. There is always a bit of training involved, and oftentimes we have a catalog to launch or a new product to share! It’s always fun to see team members come together, and we all get to meet new people and make new friends!


Facebook Groups

We have a very engaging Facebook group for our team. There we get to encourage one another, ask questions, and share ideas. I enjoy doing challenges, so you’ll see a big challenge done once a month, along with several smaller challenges throughout. It’s a fun place to keep us connected on a regular basis.

One-On-One Coaching Calls

And finally, if you need that extra encouragement, or accountability, I will do one-on-one coaching calls! These have become a favorite because I really get to learn even more about the team member and what their dreams and goals are! Sometimes we think we know, only to find out it is something completely different. I truly love these sessions. Some people want and need that accountability to be sure they have done something they said they wanted to do and accomplish. At the end of the day, it’s up to them to make it happen! I am just there to encourage them along the way!

With ALL of these there is a ton of celebrating! We get to cheer one another on and celebrate our successes together. This is the best business to be a part of and I’m so grateful for it. I hope some of these have helped and that you can use something to move forward with your own team! I’d love to hear any ideas that you do as well! Cheers to loving on your team!

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