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We hear it all the time. I find myself saying it all the time too. So it must be important! Consistency is key!

Is it really that important?

YES. It is so important. Whether in our personal lives or in our business, consistency is the key to it all. Take our personal habits. Most say that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Now I’m hearing it’s closer to 2 months. But the clear indication here is that if we want to create a habit, we need to do something consistently for a period of time.

What about our personal life?

Exercise comes to mind. When I have started a new work out, I typically go a week or even two and then start with the excuses. Appointments get in the way. I get too busy again. The next thing I know it’s been over a month. I’m not being consistent. I’ve not created a habit. It becomes something I’m constantly starting and stopping. Not good! So, instead, I’ve learned to create the habit of at least moving my body. Wake up and move. Stretch, walk, what ever it means to you, but the key here is to move. Before I do anything else. After a longer period of time, this becomes a habit and now I’m being consistent. Then if I want to add another regimen to it, I can, but at least I’m moving my body consistently.

Squirrel Syndrome!

Another project? What happened to the first one?

Same with work experiences. I see so many people start a project, but before they get anywhere with it they are side tracked and going down a different path. It’s so important to consistently stay on track. If there is something you have decided you need to do each day for your business, then do THAT thing each day. Or twice a week. What ever it is. Be sure to schedule it in to your day so that it does not get skipped and you do not get sidetracked and forget!

Show up!

General working of your business. If you are set on doing something, do it consistently. If you are in a business where others count on you, you want them to know they can. So be consistent. Show up when you say you will. If you have decided to work a particular angle, be sure to do it consistently. People watch us, whether we realize it or not. When we say we are going to do something and then don’t, they notice. They stop having confidence in us when we constantly stop showing up. So SHOW UP for yourself and those that count on you.

What ways do you ensure that you are being consistent? I’d love to hear! We can all get stronger together! Cheers!

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