Do I, or don’t I?

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Decorating | 1 comment

Today’s blog will be light and easy! Super simple. Here goes…

The topic today is “Do I, or don’t I?” Do I or don’t I decorate NOW for Christmas? Ha! But seriously, that’s the question I keep hearing lately.

Here’s where I am…

Here’s where I am with it…I have pulled out a few of my new Christmas Accent Shades and put them out, but I still have pumpkins everywhere! Each day I’m more and more tempted to just get it done though! So don’t be surprised if in the next week, I post a bunch of photos of my Christmas Decor around the house! And I look forward to seeing yours as well.

An example of my Accent Shades! You can find these on my website!

The funny thing for me is, once I do this, it means I will also incorporate Christmas music to my day, and the need to find all of my favorite Christmas movies to watch as well! I can’t just do it half-way. I need it all! Anyone else do that? And I never have decorated before the weekend of Thanksgiving, so it’s kind of exciting to me to get a couple of extra weeks in!

On a sad note

Though I’m excited about getting the house decorated and listening to Christmas music, I’m still quite saddened that my son may not get a chance to come home at all during the holidays. He moved to Arlington a few years back, but he just started a new job and will have the last choice of time off.

I’m so glad about his job, but as Momma, I’m sad that I may not get to see much of him. He and his girlfriend also have to move before the end of December, so the time he is off he is searching for a new place to live, and will be packing and getting ready. We’ve offered to go help, so we’ll see how it all works out.

Stay positive!

BUT, we are staying positive. Everyone is currently healthy, so for that we are certainly grateful.

We will have my parents here and will get to spend some time with them, and perhaps a few hours with Duane’s family as well. I’m extremely fortunate to have my mom and dad. And they live very close by. So I’m very thankful for that.

So what ever your holiday plans are, I pray you make the best of them. And then be sure to let me know…did you do it? Did you decorate early?

With love and gratitude,

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