Do you sometimes make things harder than they need to be when working on Team Meetings? Or in fact, you feel like you are recreating the wheel to come up with content? It truly does NOT have to be that hard.

When I first began…

When I first began building a team in my business, I knew it would be important to get out of my comfort zone and start providing trainings, whether in written form, in person, or in video format. Within a matter of weeks, I realized I was stressed out constantly about what my content would be because I thought it needed to be NEW and exciting each time.

Share what I am doing!

What I found out over a period of time was that people are working at completely different levels, and many times (more often than not), they need to hear the basics. They need to hear what I am doing that works for me. Or what others are doing that works for them. And sometimes we need to hear the same thing we heard last month because we all listen differently too. Maybe it didn’t sink in last month, or maybe their mind was on something completely different! So a repeat is always OK!!

What works for you?

So if you are building a team, or already have a team, and you are having team meetings or doing live trainings, talk about the things that make your business successful. If you have a team, you are more than likely being a great consultant yourself, so share those things that work for you. Or share what you hear is working for your team members that are having success. Maybe it’s how you find new customers, or what you do to sponsor new team members.

Talk motivation!

And a great topic that never gets old is to talk about what motivates you and keeps you going every day! As a business owner, especially since we don’t go in to an office to be around other people that can motivate and boost us up, it’s important for us to find ways to motivate ourselves. So share that! Maybe it’s speakers you listen to, or books you read. I always share how I begin my day and how that gets me in the right headspace and mindset to go forward and have a productive day!

You’ve got this!

So instead of worrying and trying to be so creative for each training, think about what you are doing now and how it is working for you, and share that with your team! They will want to hear what you do! You can even have others jump on the call or video to share what they are doing too! Just don’t make it harder than it has to be! I’d love to hear what you do to determine topics for your trainings!

Happy training!

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