IT’s Time To Have Some Fun & Host A Pink Zebra Party

Now is the time to host a Pink Zebra Party so you can earn yourself some free products and get your home smelling AMAZING.  Pink Zebra parties are a breeze and super fun.

Earn Free Products

When you host a Blend Bash, you are eligible to earn the exclusive Host V.I.P. Box at a special discount as well as a shopping spree of FREE and half-off Pink Zebra products based on your total party sales. Talk with your Consultant to learn how you can earn both the Host V.I.P. Box and Host Rewards.

Change Lives

For each $500+ party, a day of childcare is earned through our HEROES Care Program. Since its inception, HEROES has provided over 2,000 days of childcare and $6,000 in higher educational scholarships.

Have Fun

It is time to have a blast with your friends and host an amazing Pink Zebra Bash Party.  Have some beverages and enjoy the company, all while earning some free products to make your home smell amazing.


We love our HOSTS-so much that we want you to receive your own Very Important Package for hosting a party! Your V.I.P. Box includes a jar of Sprinkles, bottle of Soaks, lotion, soap and a 4pk of special Go-Cards. Each month a new exclusive fragrance set is released just for you! Contact your Consultant and come party with us!

We’ll be with you all the way! Your consultant will help you:

  • Choose a date
  • Theme it
  • Invite your guests
  • Host the party

If friends can’t make it, you can still have them shop online and you get the credit! When you host parties, you will have access to our exclusive products that are only available to hosts.

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How “old” is Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra launched in September 2011! Our Home Office is in Houston, TX and our Founders are Tom & Kelly Gaines who have been in the Home Fragrance industry for well over 15 years.

Why Sprinkles?

Sprinkles are blended with high quality fragrance oils at super concentrated levels to deliver more fragrance. Pink Zebra’s laboratory technicians developed a proprietary blend of eco-friendly soy wax and dependable paraffin wax to capitalize on the best performing components of each wax. They smell stronger than the average scented bar or candle. They also last longer and cost less. They are very versatile and can easily be blended together to make your own unique recipe without a mess. Just simply pour your Sprinkles in to your warmer or Glimmer Glass and you are good to go! No mess! EZPZ!

What are “Simmering Lights”?

Simmering Lights are from our Home Decor line.  You can use them with a liner and dish alone, or layer the shades for a different look! Great for mixing and matching your home decor.  The Sprinkles go in the dish atop the Light where they will melt and the fragrance will fill the room.  Not just a simmer pot but a true on-trend piece that you can use to decorate your home.

What do I get if I host a party?

Not only will you receive FREE products of your choice along with several 50% off items, but your friends will have fun and be talking about it for weeks!!

What can we do that would be “different” than a typical party?

How about a Candle Bar?  We have some fun Glimmer Glasses that we can bring along with cartons of your favorite scents and your friends can each make their own candle to take home!  It’s so much fun!

I don’t live in Texas. Why should I join the Rockin PZ team?

Finding a quality team is about more then just location.  You need to find a team that will help you succeed and reach your goals….

Once I get my kit, then what?

As your Business Partner, I will work with you to set up your Launch Party, your goals, and setting you up to achieve your Quick Start to earn some additional FREE product!  Depending on what you want out of this is how I will know how much help and support you want and need.  Some just want the discount in the beginning and don’t think about the ‘business’ aspect of it until they start seeing that there is some good money to be made!!  We will go at the pace you tell me.

What are Sprinkles?

Sprinkles are made of premium Soft Soy wax. They look similar to small pebbles, but smell amazing and can be melted in a warmer or made in to a candle. Pink Zebra Home offers gorgeous Simmering Lights and shades for warmers, as well as Pink Zebra Simmer Pots, OR you can purchase one of our Glimmer Glasses and wicks and make your own candle with our Sprinkles!

Benefits of Soy?

*Soy wax is clean burning
*Burns approximately 30% longer
*Maximizes fragrance
*Responsible, renewable and sustainable earth friendly wax

Pink Zebra’s consumable products are made in America too! Our soy wax comes from US produced soybeans.

What is the HEROES Charity?

HEROES stands for Helping, Encouraging, Rewarding & Obtaining Education for Single Moms.  For every $500+ party, Pink Zebra donates one day of childcare to a Single Mom.  Pink Zebra’s goal is to provide 1,000,000 days of daycare in 10 years!

Do I have to do a lot of work for a party?

Not at all!  You simply choose a date and we’ll walk you step by step all the way through.  You can choose to theme your party, have a simple “Ladies Night Out”, or even more of an Open House style for your friends to just stop in and shop.  We’ll keep it as EZPZ as you like!

What if I can’t do a “home” party?

We can set you up online on Facebook and email and have a “party”.  It’s EZPZ and again, we’ll walk you through step-by-step!

Do I have to sell a certain amount each month?

In order to be an active consultant, you need just $150 in sales over a 6 month period!  EZPZ!

What is my commission?

You will immediately earn a minimum of 25% on your personal sales!  We’ll review our Career Plan to go in to additional income you can earn if you wish to build a team!

Do you have training?

Not only is there training in the back office (called ZebraNet), but I also do a weekly Livestream call.  Our Corporate Director of Sales has a monthly Webinar for all consultants, and I also have a secret Facebook group that I will connect you with immediately.  AND, if you are in the Houston and surrounding areas, we do a monthly meeting/party where we learn and have some fun together!  The company also has Rallies throughout the US every few months, along with our Family Reunion each year!  LOTS of opportunity to connect!

Privacy Policy

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