It’s Fall Y’all! Well, kinda!

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If you are located in any of the southern regions of the United States, especially toward the coast, you know we just love the ‘thought’ of Fall. We think of Football, leaves turning colors, pumpkins and sweaters, however the weather typically doesn’t cooperate! At the moment, if I were to put a pumpkin on my porch, within 24 hours it would be yuck. So my solution to this? You probably guessed it. I decorate INSIDE!

It’s great decorating inside because we literally can make it as cozy as we want!! I pull out more blankets, I use more candles this time of year, and yes, I decorate with Pumpkins!!

Fall Decor Options!

The pumpkin pictured above is actually one of the accent shades in a past catalog, but you can see here that I don’t even have it over a Simmering Light. It just sits as a centerpiece on my table! It’s pretty enough that it doesn’t need anything else! I love it!

And notice the Candles. Those are our Glimmer Glasses. That beautiful glass comes with three wicks so you can put your favorite Sprinkles in, (just using one wick!), burn it, then when you are ready, simply change it out and put in a new wick with new Sprinkles! (We sell wicks as well, so you can literally keep reusing these gorgeous Glimmer Glasses!).

Above is a cozy spot in my home where I have this adorable pumpkin that is in our current line. I’m so in love with this special piece. It’s our Burlap Pumpkin Accent Shade. And here it is over our Festive Fall Simmering Light! But it’s cozy, right? I just love spots like this.

So add a few touches indoors, and there you go! Fall on the inside! Regardless of the warm weather on the outside!

What do you do to add that Fall feeling indoors? I’d love to know! Have a cozy Fall y’all!

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