With my tiara and boots in tow, I love encouraging others and cheering them on to success!

I get to enjoy helping others make their homes and offices smell good, while blending their favorite scents.  And the joy of encouraging and inspiring my team members? Well, that’s one of my favorite things about my business!!

In 2011 I was working in the Resort/Hotel Industry, as I had been for many years. My BFF called to tell me to stop by their offices because she wanted me to see what they were launching! Now, she and her husband had been in the Candle Industry all of their adult lives, so I knew it had to do with home fragrance. What I didn’t know was that it was taking Home Fragrance to the Direct Sales Industry! So, knowing nothing about Direct Sales, I bought the kit so that I could get a 25% discount on all of the product line!

Fast forward a couple of months after I had shared the Sprinkles with many of my friends, who in turn also wanted a discount so they joined as well! After exactly one month with Pink Zebra I got a check in the mail for $41.33. I had already made my OWN commissions from sales, so this was from the people that had signed up under me!!! I got even more excited! The following month my check grew to $305.24!! Again…this didn’t count MY sales. My first party was over $800…I made $200 cash that night! Again, never working in the DS Industry, I did not know anything about what was happening. By sheer “sharing”, I began building a team and earning some additional income! That was when I started asking questions! I learned about our Career Plan and realized that with some real effort, I could make enough money to buy my husband the boat he had been talking about for years! Within my first year of Pink Zebra, I bought him that boat!

From there I spent time learning more about how to make DS a real business for me. I learned what I needed to do to lead a team and to build my own business. I made a new goal. I wanted to do PZ full time and quit my hotel job! In 2016 I did it! I quit my corporate 9-5 job!

Now, I love working with my team members and celebrating their successes. My husband and I love the annual Incentive trips we get to earn. We have met so many fascinating people in this business and so many have become lifelong friends. I love that I get to continue learning and growing! I have some fantastic customers, and I get to share new scents and help them decorate their homes with our beautiful Accent Shades! And we are just getting started!! The best is yet to come!


Dana is fabulous to work with! Anytime I need a new fragrance, she knows just what I like. I love the recipes that she puts together too! You can tell that she loves what she does, loves her team and loves the company that she works with!  Oh and talk about the home decor pieces, she always knows what to put where for that extra added touch! 

Karen Monroe

I found Dana web searching I went threw so many pages and watched so many videos. I called the number listed and couldn’t believe I was talking to her directly she was very welcoming. She’s a saint for being so patient on the phone with me that day 2hrs lol. She helped every step of the way she taught me no question is a dumb question. I was scared to ask at first because this was my first ds company and didn’t want to look like a idiot. Dana brought something out with me she taught me patience, discipline, and focusing. With her help I just earned my 3 rd incentive trip and last year earned 2 paisleys awards with the help of her leadership skills. I know she’s only one call away and always takes time for her team members.

Team Member

It’s Going to be Perfect!


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