New Year, New Opportunities!

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New year, new opportunities, right? So today I’m going to share more about my particular opportunity! To be a part of this incredible Direct Sales company that I am in. Not to mention how it has changed our lives.

As you know…

If you know me already, or have followed me for any length of time, you probably know my story. So I won’t go back through it all. Instead, I’m going to highlight some of the things that have changed about my life. Do any of these resonate with you? If so, then what are you waiting for? You could join today and start seeing changes within the first month or two if you are willing to make an effort! And anything in life worth having is worth a bit of effort, right?

A small investment

So for starters, I bought a kit. As you may remember, I did it because I am a candle person and can’t get enough of the smell goods! Scents evoke all kinds of wonderful memories and can change my mood in an instant, so they are just part of my daily life! Always have been. I bought the kit so that I could get 25% off of anything I wanted from our catalog!

The kit was a small investment. Much less expensive than a brick and mortar business! I mean, $200 to start my own business? That was an easy decision. Just to get a discount even, made it worthwhile right away.

I knew going in to it there was no monthly quota to hit. To stay “active”, I just needed to have $150 in Sales Volume for a 6 month period. Easy peasy for sure. No brainer in fact. But for me, almost the moment I began sharing it, the sales volume was not going to ever be an issue! I was far to excited and passionate about this, so others became curious too!

Yes, there’s a small website fee, but there are so many benefits to having this! The company does emails for us when we have specials and new products, keeps track of our customer base, offers many reports to use to gather information, and has a TON of training.

So many benefits!

One of the big things this year is that we are all seeing a surge in online purchases. Our company had months that were 300% over the previous year, all throughout 2020. So being online and not having to carry your own inventory is a huge benefit!

Here are some other highlights!

  • You earn 25% on your sales, with the opportunity to earn up to 35%! Many consultants earn $500 – over $1000 a month on their own sales!
  • You can build a team and increase your income potential even more!
  • You are your own boss! You can be as creative as you want, work as much as you want, or be a hobbyist!
  • Freedom – I love that I can work my business on my schedule.
  • There is a ton of free training to aid you in your goals!
  • You can earn free product in your first 90 days of the business!

Not to mention!

  • The friendships I’ve made have been incredible.
  • The rewards and incentives are fantastic!! If you want to travel, we have an incentive trip each year that you can work to earn for an all expense paid trip!
  • Pink Zebra supports US Farmers. Our Soy comes from the Farmers right here in the US!
  • HEROES program for Single Moms!
  • I’ve had opportunities over and over to step out of my comfort zone! It does wonders on our self confidence!
  • We are a big family. Zebras supporting one another.

My husband and I have had the opportunity to travel to some incredible places and have made some awesome memories! We’ve been able to do some updates on our home, help our son through college, even get my husband a fishing boat after our very first year in the business!

One of my biggest “hurrahs” is that after 20 years in the Hotel/Resort Sales Management field, I was able to quit and focus all of my love and attention on my Pink Zebra Business! Once I realized the true opportunity here, I made it a goal, and after 5 years here, I quit my ‘corporate’ job!

It’s personal

There are even more reasons to consider starting your own business of course. To each person it is a personal journey, so determine what it is you want, and see if Pink Zebra could be the resource to getting you there!

I highly recommend that if this strikes a cord with you at all, please reach out to me. Let’s just have a conversation. I am not someone who will pressure you in to anything. I promise. Let’s just chat about what could help you and what you would like to make happen in 2021!

The opportunity is there for anyone that wants to grab it and get to making it happen!

Cheers to an incredible 2021! Let’s do this!

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