So you own your own business. Most of us have a goal in mind. We want to earn a certain amount of money so that we can buy a new home, or pay off a car note, or maybe to be able to travel more!

Plan! There’s that word again!

Do you have a plan? Do you break it down in to specific steps each day/week/month? My plan is broken down in to days. I determine each day what my focus will be so I can remain on track. I find when I don’t do this, I am all over the place. (Squirrel Syndrome is the new word I believe!) I have theme days each week (click here to check out the blog I did on my theme days). When I have an idea or realize something that needs to get done, I can go to the day of the week that I handle those types of things and schedule it in there. This allows me to remain focused on my current task at hand.

Sit back and OBSERVE

The next thing that is crucial for our business is to take time and observe. It’s critical to take some time to make sure that the plan in place is one that is working. And you want to be sure that the results are beneficial to your business! If they are not, or if the plan is not achieving the things you thought it would, then by observing, you are able to make adjustments.

It’s good to keep track of the actions and what kind of outcome you are seeing. This way when you stop and observe, you get a clear picture of what is happening in your business and whether or not the actions you are taking are being beneficial for you. Sometimes we are frustrated by our observation, but that’s ok! At least we can see the big picture and do something about it!

Be sure to ADJUST!

That is when you can ADJUST! Adjust your plan of action. Adjust the steps you are taking. Perhaps you even need to adjust where you are spending your time. We can get caught up in doing something that we think is helping us and our business, only to realize it is proving to be a waste of time and/or not helping us move forward to achieve the end goals.

One of the things that I do each week is to reflect. I try to do this daily, but somedays I’m in run mode, so I mark my calendars for Friday to actually reflect on what my week was comprised of and how it went. I take this time to celebrate my successes, but more importantly, I look back on where I spent my time and what I accomplished, so that I can determine if the plan is working! If not, I can adjust!

Write it down!

Sounds easy right? But my last tip is to be sure you WRITE IT DOWN. I’ve found that people who do not write it down, get off track easier. When you have your plan and your goal where you can easily get to it, you will be more likely to stay on the course you set out for yourself. So write it down, and let’s get to it! Be sure to check out my blog post on Goal Setting HERE and download my FREE Goal Setting Workbook!

Cheers to much success and please comment below any areas of success that I can give you a virtual high-five and cheer you on for!

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