Owning your own business brings about challenges. Of course! But how you respond to those challenges is everything! You must ALWAYS have your BRAND in mind. You want to protect it. Here’s what I mean:

Social Media

If you are a consultant of a Direct Sales company, you own your own business. You brand yourself, and sell the products. We must always remember that people buy from people they like, and often times if you are using social media to get the word out, your online presence is how you attract your customers. Are you being positive on social media? Are you being genuine? Or are you sharing every bad hiccup with the world in your business and/or personal life?

Sharing negative things, or even sometimes being too abrasive in your political feelings, can be a real turn off. We don’t know it because most of the time someone isn’t going to say something to you, they are just going to unfriend or unfollow you. This isn’t good because it’s easier to just be nice and retain potential customers than it is to say “I don’t care. Let them unfollow me!” Because truly, you have no idea how many are really unfollowing! It could be hurting your business really badly and you aren’t even aware.

More than one Company?

What about the consultant that has been gungho and sharing how fabulous their business is, that suddenly joins another DS company? I see people do this all of the time. They become really good at one business, so they think they’ll throw another one in to the hat. They believe they can be good at both! (I’ve even seen people do up to 3! Yikes!) The truth is, this sends a very confusing message to your customer base and friends that follow you. These are just some of the questions that may come to mind:

  • Is their first business tanking?
  • Are they being untruthful about how good their business really is, because they now have another?
  • What exactly is this person selling anyway?

Think about your brand. What happens to your brand when suddenly you shift gears? I promise, people will begin to wonder, and won’t have the confidence that any product you are selling is that great. It just makes sense because if your first product was making you money and doing so well, why on earth would you need another?

Granted, I’ve only been in Direct Sales coming up on nine years, but I have seen so many people, time and time again, think they can carry off a second or third DS business, only to have the first one fall apart. You are taking from your original customer base and pushing them to another product. You are sending mixed messages. And you are spreading out your time from just focusing on one, to now focusing on more. It’s very hard to have success when you are focused on several things. And I have never seen a top leader walk across the stage earning an award after they have joined another company and are splitting up their time between businesses. And if your business is a success, why risk it anyway?


What about when there is some kind of breakdown with the company you are a consultant for? It happens in ALL companies. Maybe product being out of stock, or some website glitches from time to time? Or maybe other consultants are getting under your skin? Do you share this frustration with the world? (and when I say world, I mostly mean Facebook!) Or do you walk away for a bit to gather your thoughts before sounding off? So many times when I have a rough moment, I will simply walk away before reacting. I find that when I do this, my head clears and I’m able to be much more productive in my response to the situation. Otherwise, if we are causing a storm, having others jump on the bandwagon is not productive. Sharing on social media hurts your brand. Don’t do it. Go directly to the source and either report it or have a conversation with someone that can actually do something about it.

It’s not always easy, but it’s so important to remember that your business and the way you conduct yourself, is all a part of your brand. Be authentic, yet be positive. If you have nothing nice to say, perhaps say nothing. You’ll be so glad you held your tongue. I promise. And please! If you are having success in your company, stick with it! Keep growing! It’s definitely a marathon. Not a sprint. So be patient and stay on course! Remember that no business is perfect. Keep a positive mental attitude.

This may be a tough message, but it’s an important one. I wish you all the success!! And please! If you have any other tips, please share them with me!

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