Sales Tips that work!

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sales tips that work

Do you ever get stuck when thinking about how you will generate sales? After being in sales for all of my adult life, I can tell you that these simple Sales Tips WILL work if you apply them! They have always worked for me, no matter the industry.

Dedicate time

Sales Tip #1: Dedicate time in your week to connect with new leads, potential customers, as well as past customers! You have to actually schedule or block out time in your calendar so that you will get it done. When I block out a one to two hour time frame at least one day each week, it is just like any other appointment. I will get it done! If it’s not scheduled in, it likely will not happen.

Believe in yourself and your product!

Sales Tip #2: Believe in yourself and your product! If you don’t, how will they? Know the benefits of why your product can be beneficial to them. This means knowing what they may need. Also let them know why you are the one they should work with. Provide excellent customer service!


Sales Tip #3: Take time to engage with your customer. LISTEN. Don’t go in to sales overload where you are doing all of the talking. People love to talk about themselves, so ask questions and listen for cues. They will tell you what they like and are looking for! You just need to be listening!

Have your tools handy.

Sales Tip #4: Have your tools handy. If you are out and about and have an opportunity to talk with someone and your business comes up, you want to have something handy should they ask for it! Don’t just give someone a catalog. Ask if they would like to have one. Or if you are talking about fragrances, it’s always good to have a sample on hand that you can provide. Perhaps have your calendar handy as well should they express interest in a party or a sit down with you to discuss further!

Do you have any Sales Tips that work for you? Please share! I am always learning and love to hear new things that can help us all in our businesses!

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