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Set the goal(s)

Many years ago, I had a boss that asked me what my goal was. I thought he meant the dollar amount I was expected to produce. He wanted more than that. He wanted me to really think about what this goal meant to me. What did making this goal mean to ME? Not just for the company I was currently working for, but what would it accomplish for me personally? No lie, it took me a bit before I could really wrap my head around what he was asking me, but once I did, it changed “Goal Setting” for me forever.

Everyone should set goals. Whether you are in business for yourself, working for someone else, or managing a household and children, you need goals! Over many years of goal setting for myself, I have found a very simple and functional way of doing this. It works! Whether it was a personal goal (finding a fun workout that I knew I would stick with), or a business goal (working toward a promotion or a sales goal). KNOWING the goal is the first first step. Then determining why this goal is important to you. It’s what will keep you coming back to your main focus.

Each year I start with my big goal. If it is a dollar amount I need to earn to pay bills, or a promotion that I am working toward. I made goals with my son because I was a single mom and wanted to be sure there were certain things he experienced. I remember one year my goal was to have him learn more about the outdoors so that he could enjoy it as he grew older. Kids today get stuck inside behind a keyboard or television, so it was important for me to make sure he spent a good amount of time outdoors and active.

Be sure to reflect back. Where are you in your goal? Do you need to adjust something? Knowing where you are and what needs to be adjusted is just as important as setting the actual goal! Sometimes we realize the goal we are working toward is just a stepping stone for the next thing we are REALLY interested in achieving. In that case it is quite exciting to make the shift, adjust, and start marching toward that newer goal! Just think, when you know that you have achieved a goal, it is quite a great confidence builder! Right? And sometimes we just need a little boost in that department!

Steps toward your goal(s)

Once you determine your goal, then the next part is probably most important! Determining the exact steps to making this goal happen. What do you need to do? What steps should you put in to action, to make your goal a reality? Break it down in to specific things that you need to do and the time frame that you need to do them in. Make sure that you set a timeline on your goal.

If your goal has to do with a dollar amount you wish to achieve, then break it down. How many sales and at what average will you need? What ever your goal is, there are action steps you need to follow. For my son to learn more about the outdoors, I determined what I could do with him in order to get him outside more. I even solicited a few friends to take him hunting and fishing since I was not an expert in those areas. The main point here is that YOU determine what steps you need to take and then you can look for the resources and actions to assist you in achieving.

Staying organized

Finally, so that I could stay organized in all of these steps, I determined a system for myself that would keep me on target throughout the week. This system works for me, but feel free to get creative and switch it up to be specific for you!

Soon I began seeing goals turn to reality so I began to set goals a bit more often. And remember to set a timeline. You want to purchase a new home? It will more than likely not happen in 2 weeks, but perhaps you will be set and ready within 2 years by following your plan. You want to lose 10 pounds and fit in to a special dress you haven’t worn since last year? Set yourself a smaller window of time and specific steps to take, and you will be able to celebrate in that cute dress in no time!

Remember, this is YOUR plan. YOUR goal.

This is a living, breathing plan!

The last thing to know is that your plan is a living, breathing plan. It will shift when life happens. Don’t give up when something isn’t transpiring exactly as you planned, but instead look at what you may need to do differently. Then get back on track and make it happen! And enjoy that journey! Realize that each goal has a personal meaning, and be proud as you grow and stretch as a person! Setting and achieving goals is good for the soul! Even not achieving a goal once in a while has a life lesson in it. So set them, and enjoy!

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  1. Brandy

    Dana you are such an inspiration.

    • Dana Lea Loukanis

      Thank you so much Brandy! I’m just happy to share what I have learned over the years. I love to see others have success!

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    love this

  3. Melissa Blouin

    Your amazing & Thank you


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