The Focus Struggle is REAL!

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From post to being in my face!

On Monday, I had a post on my social media pages about FOCUS. It’s something we all struggle with from time to time!

The comical thing is, after my post was made Monday morning, I continued over and over to lose focus on everything I was trying to accomplish! I had to laugh because it was in my face! Like the world was saying “really Dana? Let’s see you focus! HA HA!” My own words were putting me to the test!

Stop and restart

After a few hours of getting nowhere, I decided to STOP and restart.

I got up from my computer, walked around putting a few things away just to keep me moving, got some water and something to snack on, and came back to my desk. I put my phone on silent and closed all of the tabs I had open on my computer.

Once I sat back at my desk I intentionally looked at my planner to decide what I was going to focus on first.

This blog is actually what I decided to do first. Mainly because I wanted to share my experience with others that may find this helpful. But also because I knew I had written about focus once before and I wanted to see if I was taking my own advice! Click here if you’d like to read more on that blog about focus and intention!

A few ideas to help

Being in an office can be challenging. Working from home poses it’s own obstacles as well!

Back when I worked in an office with others, I remember that when I needed to really focus on something, I would shut my office door.

We had glass doors, so there were times people would just stand in front of my door waiting for me to look up at them. I wouldn’t! I would stay looking at my computer or at the file in front of me. It was my way of saying “No. Not right now.” I believe the key here was that I normally had my door open, so they knew I must be seriously focusing to close that door!

If you don’t have a glass door, or even if you are at home and don’t want family to come barging in, try putting up a little sign that says something like “I need 1 hour…do not disturb”. Or maybe it’s just a sticky note. Let your family know that when you have something like that up, it’s only temporary and it’s very important for them to respect the boundary! It may take a little time, but if you stick to it, they will begin to get it and respect it.

Even when my son was young, on days I had to work from home he knew that when my door was almost all the way closed (I always left it cracked so that I could hear if I needed to. Being a mom that’s just what we do.) He eventually learned that instead of storming in to ask me a question, if that door was partially closed, he needed to wait. He also knew that it wouldn’t be too long, so he was usually very patient.

It’s ok to say NO

And remember that it is OK to say NO!

When you have a lot on your plate for a day, it’s ok to let those phone calls go to voicemail. They will be there for you when you are available. It’s ok to tell a friend you can’t sit and chat right this minute, but you will be available in a couple of hours and will be happy to then.

Silencing my cell phone is the best for this because it allows me to focus. Not knowing that people are texting or calling or even messaging me on Facebook is freeing actually. Once I have finished my thoughts or completed my work, it will all be there for me to follow up on!

So ask yourself, what can you say no to today to help you stay focused? I’d love to hear other ways that you stay focused!

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