What did I do all day?

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What happened to my day?

Do you ever wonder why you never get a lot done in a day? Or perhaps you are in a funk from the moment you wake up and can’t seem to snap out of it? It’s really tough when you have a full day ahead of you and you feel like you are in a “reaction” mode all day. Some days we don’t even realize it until at the end of the day we ask ourselves “what did I do all day?”

Good news!

So the good news is, you CAN fix this! After reading several books on being a high performer, I realized they were basically all telling me just about the same thing. Or at least a certain thing continued to resinate with me. So I began to put together a plan for myself to start off my days. And this has worked for me for nearly two years so far! I make tweaks from time to time, but the basic general steps continue to work for me today! So I’m going to share them with you!

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Say NO to Social Media

Do you roll over while still in bed and grab your phone to see what you’ve missed from the night before? And how many times do you do that and find that you’ve been lying there for 30 minutes or more and still haven’t even gotten out of bed yet? And how many times do you end up replying to posts or getting frustrated by some of the things you may be reading, and find yourself being agitated? Your mood just went south and you haven’t even put your feet on the floor yet? It sounds silly when I type it out, but I know it used to happen to me. All the time. SO…I stopped looking at my Social Media first thing! I don’t even check email when I first get up. Instead, I have a series of things I try to get done before I even go to my social media or email each day!

Get out of your pj’s

Get out of your pajamas! Unless I am taking a day off and plan to stay in pj’s all day, I change out of mine right away. I’ll either shower or change in to my workout clothes before I even leave my bedroom. I feel like I’m ready to start my day when I do this. Something about being dressed makes me feel more productive right away!

Quiet time

Grab your morning beverage of choice (I am a coffee drinker!), and grab your favorite book. The key here is to spend 10-15 minutes having some quiet time for YOU before the day takes off. If you like to do a little Bible study, or journaling, or perhaps a motivational book of some sort, just spend a few moments here. For me, it helps me get in the right headspace for the day. If you aren’t much of a reader, you can always listen to a podcast! I recommend avoiding the TV or listening to news because that could produce a negative impact. I mean lets face it, news these days doesn’t tend to share much about positive things going on around us. So listen to an inspirational speaker! There are tons of options in Podcasts. If you need some recommendations, feel free to message me and I’ll gladly share!

Get moving!

Yes, that’s what I do! I get moving!!! Once you have had a few moments to yourself, the next thing I recommend is to move your body! Whether you like to walk, or go to the gym, or do some yoga, or even just some stretching, it is great to get the blood flowing! You will definitely feel better when you make some time to do this.

Get moving!

Is it on your schedule?

Schedule your important moments throughout the day. If you have calls you want to make, or perhaps need an hour to get grocery shopping done, it is so helpful to actually put it on your schedule for the day. Not just a to-do, but an actual appointment for yourself. Even schedule your Social Media time if you can! If you are really bad about getting stuck on Facebook or Instagram, try putting time slots on your schedule to go in and do so. Then if you have allowed yourself 15 minutes, be sure to either set that alarm, or watch your time. This will help you from being sucked in and wasting several hours a day! Scheduling your time is super important if you have a 9-5 job and need to schedule things around that! You have fewer hours to make things happen, so you definitely want to be productive during the time you have!

Another thing I remind myself is that if I don’t have it on the schedule, it probably won’t happen. So block off time for the things you want to get done! You can read more about this in my blog from Sales Tips that Work! Click here to read more.

Give it a try!

Implementing these simple things in to my day has improved my days immensely. Some seem like obvious things, but there were days I would be wasting so much time and getting so agitated before my feet even hit the ground, that I felt like I needed to give myself a specific routine to follow. I get so much more done now, and feel good about my day. If you don’t do something like this, give it a try! Let me know how it works for you! Or if you tried some other things, let us know so that we can perhaps try them too!

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  1. Chris Workmam

    Dana, I so needed to read this I have been in a downhill spiral and this made me think of some things. Look forward to seeing you soon!

    • Dana Lea Loukanis

      I’m SO glad it helped. Looking forward to seeing you soon too!

  2. Jessica Fontenot

    I am that person who grabs get phone! I do have a question. I am definitely not a morning person. I wake up around 630am to wake up the kids for school but I lay back down until they are ready to go at 7. I know this is bad. Everyone tells me I should start my day 30 minutes before I have to wake them up which would be 6am. This does not excite me at all… but is it ok to start my wake up time after I drop them off at school or is it truly important to do these things before?


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